**IMPORTANT UPDATE: If you have already downloaded the app or made an account and did not enter a program URL as pictured below, please email support@walkertracker.com with your name, email, and tell them you are with the CDF Turkey Trot, program URL cdf.walkertracker.comThis must be done to be included in the Challenge.

If you have not yet downloaded the app, please do so before November 14, following steps one and two below.

  1. Download the Walker Tracker app, free on Android and iOS, before November 14. Don’t have a phone? You can also make a free account on your desktop here. Desktop users need to manually enter steps. Your login is the same for both desktop and mobile.
  2. Create a login on the Walker Tracker App. Enter program URL cdf.walkertracker.com and click Next. Enter your name, valid email address, username and password and click Register to activate Walker Tracker and receive emails with product discounts and special offers as you cross each Turkey Trot landmark. Click Allow to track your steps. Need more help? Walker Tracker provides a helpful How-To video here.
  3. On November 14 or 15, click “Challenges.” Then, click the “Turkey Trot Virtual Cross-Country Challenge” banner at the top of the page.
  4. You’re now in the Challenge!
  5. The app will automatically track your steps to follow the map as you take your “Cross-Country” trip. There is no time goal to complete the 3.1 miles, just enjoy your journey to move for a cure over the weekend!

Important Information

  • Should you have any issues or questions regarding the app, please email support@walkertracker.com.
  • Not walking or running? To convert activities to steps on mobile, simply click the activity button on the bottom, and then click “Log”. Select the date and click “Activities” on the bottom of the screen. Press “Add an Activity” and this will allow you to select from 50+ different activities that you can convert to steps! Enter the time you spent doing your activity and the app will convert that into your steps across the map.