Remember OLD CLOTHES are best

  • Shorts (comfortable for hiking) – 2 pairs
  • Underwear – 4 pairs
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Socks – 4 pairs
  • Shirts (long and short sleeved) 1 or 2 long sleeved, 3-4 short sleeved
  • Long pants/jeans – 2 pair
  • Warm sweater, jacket or coat
  • Swim suit. One-piece bathing suits are required for girls. If not available, please send non-white shirt to wear over top (no bikinis allowed per Camp rules.)
  • Wash cloth and towels (1 swim and 1 bath)
  • Warm sleeping bag & pillow
  • Old, warm, blanket (for sleeping and for sitting around the campfire at night)
  • Soap, comb, brush, shampoo, toothbrush (in a container), toothpaste & other personal hygiene items
  • Chapped lip protection
  • Rain jacket
  • Mosquito repellant and sunscreen
  • Flashlight & extra batteries (be sure to label all equipment with child’s name!)
  • Bag for dirty clothes (a pillow case will do just fine)
  • Theme Day items: stuffed animal

OPTIONAL: Camera, day/backpack, autograph book, song book, story book, compass, hiking boots, hat, sunglasses, alarm clock, slippers, sandals, sweatshirt and sweatpants.

PLEASE NOTE: CAMPER MAY NOT NOT BRING THE FOLLOWING: Food or snacks, cell phones, radios, MP3 players, iPods, electronic games, expensive watches, jewelry, gum, candy, money, pocket knives or sharp objects, or other valuables. Such items will be held by the Camp Director and returned at the end of camp.


Camp Fire and Celiac Disease Foundation will NOT be responsible for any lost or broken items.